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Stuart Law is the owner and head coach of Forge Strength & Conditioning. With 10 years of consistent quality experience and passion in the fitness industry working within boutique personal training studios and commercial gyms, Stuart has been able to build his broad knowledge not only of health, fitness and nutrition, but also the understanding of people. Working with people of all ages and fitness levels from all walks of life, from amateur and semi professional athletes to everyday people Stuart will have knowledge to help you with your goals. Stuart is recognised as a very popular and loveable trainer whose own passion for having fun whilst maintaining a sense of professionalism across all aspects of training have helped him build his strong reputation. Stuart understands that the needs of training are not just purely aesthetic but are just as important on a mental level. A never say die attitude and mental resilience are key attributes that everybody should have and Stuart believes that everyone who trains with him can adopt these values. Stuarts Qualifications include his certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness followed by his BS.c (Bachelor in Science:Exercise & Sports Science).

Stuart Law
Forge Strength & Conditioning
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